Why shop for the clothing and housewares you want at Good Old Vintage?

At Good Old Vintage we strive to provide pieces that are truly vintage. To us vintage is anything twenty years old or older.

In our two dollar trunks (one each for the ladies and the men) you'll find awesome pieces, sometimes designer, that didn't meet our vintage criteria.

On the racks you'll find designer names as well as rare off brands, and the occasional handmade garment with a wide range of sizes, styles, and pricing. 

All of our goods have been researched to provide you with the most accurate history that we can.

We are constantly sifting through fashion sites and magazines and would be happy to show you how to incorporate a vintage piece into a modern look.

Many of our goods are purchased through charitable organizations and by shopping here you help us give these non profit groups more dough.

Requests are welcome! We love a picking challenge.

Our store aims to provide high quality pieces at reasonable pricing. To top it off, we always have some kind of sale going on!