Behind every great shopping experience, there are good hardworking people who make it possible for you to shop local, buy something cool, and feel good about your purchase.

Good Old Vintage is Brought to You by...


   Jenny & Jordan 

Jenny and Jordan have traveled all over the U.S. and have had just about every job imaginable. Finally they have settled back in Jenny's hometown of Kingston, NY and realized their dream. They get to live and work together in a historically rich area full of future potential. Their favorite activity is going to yard sales, church sales, and estate sales for which the area has no shortage. Jordan's love of digging for antique treasure and Jenny's love of vintage shopping has created a super team now committed to sharing their pickings with the the rest of the world. 

When they're not out picking or at the store you can find them a Tony's Pizzeria (Jenny is drinking beer at the bar while Jordan is rocking in the kitchen making a mean pizza pie) or chillin at home with their dog the incredible Jack.